What is MyCarPooling?

MyCarPooling is an end-to-end carpooling solution that connects drivers and passengers travelling from similar source to close by destination at similar time. You don’t have to compromise with your travel time to carpool. You can book your trip instantly and find the correct match. It is very easy to use.

How much does it cost?

It is free app on App Store and Google Play. However you will be charged per travel based the distance you have travelled and will be cheaper than your usual mode of commuting.

When can I carpool?

You can carpool on any trip you make, by searching for a person who travel on your route.

What are the benefits of Car Pooling?

The main benefits are Eco Friendly, Reduce Traffic congestion, Save money, Faster to Travel, Making New Friends

Is MyCarPooling for Drivers or Passengers?

MyCarPooling is for both Drivers and Passengers. You can switch profile from driver (pooler) to passenger (seeker) and from Passenger to driver.

What Does It Cost Me To Register?


As a passenger (Seeker), can I cancel the trip?

Yes, You can cancel the trip with penalty based on the time to travel

Why am I asked to verify? Is it secure?

Your safety is of highest priority to us therefore each MyCarPooling registered member is verified using greenID. You can verify your identity electronically using one of the following documents. • Australian Passport • Australian Driver Licence • Australian Medicare • Australian Voter roll • Australian Visa Number

What is green Id verification?

greenID is a secure, privacy-compliant online service that can help organisations to verify the identity of their customers.